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Visitors during a guided tour at Virgo

The Virgo collaboration pursues a wide range of activities aimed at communication, education, dissemination and public engagement with the science and technology of Gravitational Waves and GW detectors.

We target different audiences and strive to make our activities fully accessible and to reach communities and groups of people which are often  under-represented and under-served in science.

Institutional communications are released in case of major discoveries and advances, targeting science communicators and journalists all over the globe.

We take part in science festivals, fairs and exhibitions, most frequently, but not exclusively, in Europe where the vast majority of the Virgo collaboration members are based.

Public lectures, hands-on laboratories, courses on our science and technologies are organized by the Virgo Outreach group in different countries around Europe (and the world)  for school classes and groups of people of any age, often in collaboration with local Institutions.

We also have an intense program of visits to Virgo at the EGO site, both in-person and from remote.You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. Everyone who wants  to contact and visit us, ask a question and take part in our outreach activities, is welcome.